Hi! I’m Fabiola,

As an industrial design engineer, I have focused on experience design and people-centered research. I work in the technology and innovation industry, where I have gained expertise in the conceptualization and experience design of digital and physical products. Working on both types of products has taught me the importance of starting every project with the WHY and not the WHAT.

I am passionate about the processes of research and building empathy that forces us to see things from another perspective. I get excited when I find insights that give meaning and purpose to a project. One of the things I value most is co-creation and multi-disciplinary work. Tackling a problem from different areas generates much more creative solutions. I also work hand in hand with stakeholders to create solutions that generate value for the company and users.

I consider myself a proactive person focused on problem solving and adapting to change. My goal is to design experiences that are not only usable but also generate a positive impact and improve people's quality of life.

When I am not trying to make people's lives easier, I am looking for ways to stay active. If I am not upside down doing aerial dance, I am making chocolates or coming up with new projects.

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I enjoy the process of people centered design to bring delightful human experiences.

Feel free to reach out for collaborations