Interactive Map Design to Promote Tourism

Peninsula de Osa in Costa Rica is one of the most magical places in the world, called “the most biologically intense place on Earth” by National Geographic. It crams 2.5% of the planet's biodiversity into just 0.001% of its surface area.

Nevertheless this remote place is not visited by many tourists. We designed a web platform so that Caminos de Osa could inform visitors/tourists about the incredible experience of visiting this place.
My role
Visual design
Prototyping & testing


How might we create an informative tool that promotes tourism and shows the incredible experience of visiting Caminos de Osa?


We analyzed the materials that " Caminos de Osa" had to inform about the services and tours they offered. They had PDF maps showing the route and activities of their tours. However, the routes were difficult to interpret and very far from reality.

We made a benchmark to analyze how other tourism agencies promote their services. We also interviewed travel agents to learn what kind of tools they use to help their clients plan their trips.

PDF maps used by Caminos de Osa to inform about their tours.


Peninsula de Osa is a place for tourists who want to live exclusive experiences. Based on interviews with tourism agents and tourists looking for this kind of experience, we created 3 user personas.

Requirements definition

After understanding the needs and motivations of each user profile, we decided to work on an interactive map. We did a brainstorming to define the requirements from the perspective of the client (Caminos de Osa) and the users (tourists).

Information architecture

Once the requirements were established, we made a first approach of the information architecture. In addition, we defined the main features that we had to consider to satisfy the users' needs.


We made a lot of sketches exploring the different possibilities to display the information. This exercise allowed us to analyze and choose the best ideas to meet the needs of users. In this process, we involved the developer to make sure that the selected ideas could be done in the given time.

Wireframes and user testing

We design prototypes with medium-fidelity wireframes. The goal was to test the different versions to navigate within the map and search for information. The tests allowed us to iterate the solution based on the gathered feedback.

Visual design

I designed a series of icons and illustrations to represent the attractions and activities of the Caminos de Osa tours. All the designs were inspired by places, animals and elements of the Osa Peninsula.

Final result

Discover our tours

Select a tour to explore the itinerary and discover all the activities and attractions.

Explore all destinations

Depending on your interests, we have a network of more than 40 small rural tourism enterprises, waiting for you to visit them.

Request a quote for a personalized experience

Select your favorite destinations and request a personalized quote.

Administrator platform

With this platform, the Caminos de Osa Association, can manage the attractions within the map, add new enterprises and update photos.


  • “ Esta herramienta facilita mucho el trabajo de hacer cotizaciones, se reducen muchas preguntas obvias sobre el recorrido y además es un buen primer paso, para saber cuáles son los requerimientos de los clientes.”

    - Director ejecutivo, Caminos de Osa
  • “ Al principio no me convencía mucho la idea de implementar un mapa tan tecnológico pero ahora viendo lo simple que es la herramienta veo que hasta yo podría usarla sin problema. Se ve que de verdad se tomaron el tiempo de estudiar y entender al público meta para el cual estaban diseñando. Me encanta, ya quiero usar la herramienta.”

    - Rocío Vargas, (Emprendedora)
  • “En Caminos de Osa se han desarrollado una gran cantidad de proyectos, sinembargo estas herramientas que proponen son de los pocos proyectos que seajustan a nuestras necesidades y van a generar un impacto positivo.”

    -  Enoc Espinoza, (Miembro de junta directiva)

Project learnings

1. Consider the whole journey
This tool helped increase the reserves by 250%, however I think it would have been more strategic to approach the project from a Service Design perspective. A solution that is not integrated within an effective user journey does not generate enough value.

2.  Fail fast
Now this is my daily mindset, but back then I was too afraid to show my designs. If I had done more usability tests and asked for more feedback, the results would have been much better.Now that I review the design, there are errors that could be detected with more usability tests.Now that I review the design, there are errors that could be avoided with more user testing. Still, it was a great learning experience as a team leader and designer.


CLIENT: Caminos de Osa Association
The Costa Rican USA Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA), The Bank's Multinational Investment Fund (FOMIN) and Inter-American Development Bank (BID).
CONCEPT: David Cubero, Alvaro Sandí & Fabiola Chacón

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